SBE Oil (ISCC Certified)

SBE Oil (Industrial Grade Palm Oil) is recovered from palm residue. This oil is composed entirely of vegetable fat and is similar to crude palm oil in its specification. The recovered oil can be used as feedstock for the biodiesel and biofuel industry in place of crude palm oil.

Bio-Degradable Lubricants

Bio-degradable lubricants is a specifically made-to-order vegetable oil-based lubricant for use in cold roll steel mills. The oils are made to the stringent requirements of each tandem mill.

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)

PFAD, a by-product of the recycling process of palm residue, is used in soap manufacturing and is also suitable as feedstock for biodiesel and biofuel production.

Formulated Liquid Fats For Poultry Feed

Specific additives such as antioxidants and lecithin are added to the liquid vegetable oils for use in the manufacture of poultry feed. Various other lipids combine to produce an end product which is high in feed conversion ratio (FCR).